Personal Trainers in Training Testimonials

I thought that personal training was well out of my budget until I came across Personal Trainers in Training. I had done 5 sessions with a previous company but I couldn’t afford to keep paying that on a regular basis. I met Sally who got me in great shape for my wedding and not only do I look and feel great, but I could also afford to show off my body on an extravagant honeymoon whereas I don’t think I’d have been able to do that if I was still paying £50 per hour for my trainer!
Shona McTernan-Clapham South

I’ve had personal trainers for the past 6 years, all of which have done a good job but since the recession I had to make some sacrifices, one of which was my training. Fortunately a friend recommended Personal Trainers in Training which meant I could keep up my regular sessions without feeling guilty about the expense. They say that their trainers are level 2 only but quite frankly, I can’t see a difference between Enzo and the level 3 trainers who I’ve worked with in the past. He keeps my sessions informative and varied and I’m glad that I have him as a friend as well as a trainer.
Peter Selligman-Holborn

I hate exercising and I probably always will. If I didn’t have Enzo to get me up at 6am I’d probably be twice the size I am now. I’m not going to say that I like training with him, probably because I’m inherently lazy but I can vouch that he certainly knows what he’s talking about and he definitely knows how to make me work.
Sarah Beddows-Teddington

I’ve had various trainers from Personal Trainers in Training and they’ve all be great. I like the way they keep things simple but I know I’m getting good training for a decent price. They’re like the Easyjet of the personal training world but without all the extra hidden costs!
Mike Lorenzo-West Hampstead

I’ve been meeting with Rita now twice a week for 6 months and I’ve lost over a stone. Rita says that this is largely down to my hard working but I think it’s more a case of the motivation which she gives me. I’ve still got another stone to lose but I think I’ll reach that goal by the end of the year given the progress I’ve made so far.
Sarah Penworthy-Islington

Jess has been working me out like crazy for over a year and the crazy thing is that I still go back for more. As long as they keep their prices low I’ll be sticking with Personal Trainers in Training. I secretly feel a bit like a celebrity even though I don’t pay celebrity trainer prices - don’t tell my friends ;)
Renata Kepanovic-Battersea