About Personal Trainers in Training

At Personal Trainers in Training our goal is to get you fit, help you lose weight and keep costs as low as possible. We do this by recruiting trainers who are working towards their personal training qualification. We also cut out unnecessary costs such as staff uniform, business cards, and other expenses which don’t help you get fit.

We prefer to concentrate on offering friendly, enthusiastic trainers at seriously competitive prices.

All of our trainers are Level 2 fitness instructors who are working towards gaining their level 3 qualifications. We are confident that they’ll deliver a great service and that they’ll assist you in reaching your goals without charging an arm and a leg for their services. In order to ensure that they are delivering a suitable service we aim to supervise them during some of their sessions. This may mean that we’ll drop by one of your sessions to ensure that you’re getting the right treatment.

The various levels of personal training

All personal trainers have to gain sufficient qualifications in order to effectively run personal training sessions. Typically the qualification is taken as a whole which encompasses levels one to three of a personal trainer qualification. Occasionally for various reasons, eg, budget or time availability, a trainer may take their qualifications in separate modules starting with Level 1 and progressing through to Level 3. In this situation those on Level 2 may need to gain practical experience whilst working towards their Level 3. The various levels are outlined below:

Level 1 - Student
Student members are not yet qualified and must be supervised by a qualified member of staff.

Level 2 - Fitness Instructor
Covers the following:
  • Water Based Exercise
  • Exercise to Music
  • Gym Instructor
Level 3 - Personal Trainer
Covers the following:
  • Advanced Fitness Instruction
  • Advanced Group Exercise to Music
  • Personal Training
  • Yoga
  • Exercise Referral (GP)